Ages 3+

Bully Free Zone App

Bully Free Zone AppCaptain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App is a free interactive solution to help put an end to one of the biggest social epidemics of today—bullying. The host of the Bully Free Zone App, Captain McFinn, builds courage and confidence in kids with helpful activities, including The Kindness Calendar, acts of kindness ideas, the Bully Free pledge, and an anti-bullying singalong video.

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Anti-Bullying Story

Kids have the option to watch and learn how Captain McFinn transformed from a neighborhood bully to a cherished friend. During one of his routine bullying acts, Captain McFinn became trapped under a rock and abandoned by his like minded friends. McFinn’s bullying victims ironically rescue him from the situation, and he vows to become a kinder shark and forms new friendships along the way.

The underlying message that Captain McFinn promotes is that kindness is always better than bullying, which helped inspire the Kindness Calendar—one of the key features of Captain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App.

What is The Kindness Calendar?

The Kindness Calendar is a fun and interactive way for your child to record kind and positive behavior. Each time your child completes an act of kindness, he or she enters it into the calendar. Along with the act of kindness, your child can also note the person on the receiving end and even describe how that person felt—such as confident, surprised, or happy.

This unique aspect of Captain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App will encourage your children to help clean up after dinner, compliment a friend, write a thank you note, and more. Every day, the Kindness Calendar offers a variety of kind actions and ideas for your child to try and add to the calendar.

No Bullying: Take the Bully-Free Pledge

Captain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App is designed to encourage kids to say no to bullying and spread kindness. When your child first launches the Bully Free Zone App, they are asked to sign the bully free pledge. This is a pledge for your child to promise to never tease, hurt, or lie to other kids and strive to be a good friend.

Captain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App: More Fun Features

Other features that kids and parents can both enjoy with Captain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App includes:

– Ability to create multiple profiles

– Interactive Captain McFinn Character and voiceover

– Badges for completing actions of kindness

– Fun animations

– “It’s Up to You” music video

– And more

Captain McFinn and Friends feels the best way to stop bullying is by being kind and spreading the word! Are you ready to enter the Bully-Free Zone?

  • Pledge to put an end to bullying—Captain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App helps boost self-esteem in kids and teaches them that making friends is better than taunting and teasing. Captain McFinn serves as the host and encourages your child to spread kindness, make friends, and discourage bullying.

  • As your child uses Captain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App, he or she will remain completely anonymous. They will not interact with other kids or adults while using this app. Captain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App is COPPA compliant.

  • One out of every four students report being bullied during the school year. Captain McFinn’s Bully Free Zone App aims to spread kindness and put an end to bullying for good. Download the app for access to the Kindness Calendar, McFinn’s Anti-Bullying story, and more.